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From Bad to Fab :)

So I have quite a funny story for you —

At the end of last winter, I bought an on sale, gorgeous oversized (I bought a medium so it purposely would be too big) sweater from J.Crew. I had only worn it a few times, when having left it on the wash, someone else put it in the dryer for me and it shrunk 😦 It was at such an awkward size, it looked like an 8 year olds sweater! I saved it anyway, in hopes I could give it a stretch or give it away to a little kid. When pulling out my winter clothes yesterday, I threw it in the wash with a pile of other clothes, and being forgetful Alex, I threw it in the dryer AGAIN. Now, It’s SO small, I thought I could probably pull it off as a crop top!

So therefore, with a few fixes, a sad and wasteful (of money that is) situation turned out not so bad!


My shrunken sweater and I, sad :(

My shrunken sweater and I, sad 😦


IMG_1482 IMG_1503 IMG_1509

The shorts are Express 🙂