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Sexy Baby the Documentary

Hey everyone!

While bored, freezing cold and embracing my recent snow day, I was scrolling through my Netflix account and ran across the documentary “Sexy Baby” by Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus. Described as a documentary in which explores the lives of three very different girls living in todays society and media overload, and how they’ve individually been affected by it. Right away I was intrigued. I’ve taken a women studies class in college and have deeply explored our cultures sexual phenomenon. I so badly wish to enhance people’s insight on this topic, especially mens, who on many occasions have thrown comments in my face about the topic, like “you’re all just looking for attention,” “if you want respect then stop being sluts,” and so much more. Ugh the ignorance blows my mind.

I’ve seen many documentaries on society and the way woman are represented and treated because of the way they are projected in the media, but this one was different. This documentary didn’t try to push the point on how wrong it is, it doesn’t blame the media, and how men and woman should change. It’s not example after example of the exploitation of women’s bodies in magazines and the way men control them. This simply catches the reality of three women’s lives in today’s society and lets you reflect on your own the way they are affected and are rounded by social media, sex, and exploitation. It leaves you to judge what’s wrong and right, and to realize how deeply the lives of not only these girls have been shaped, but even yours and the people around you. There’s no explanation necessary. So please, spare the 82 minutes of your life and watch this documentary. It’s truly eye-opening.

Oh, and if you haven’t already, check out Lilly Allen’s song, “Fear“.

Yours truly, A. xo