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One Lovely Blog Award

I couldn’t be more excited!!! Thank you tons to the very lovely Thoughts & Things 🙂 (check out her amazing page… I promise you won’t regret it!)

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1. I have a passion for singing and playing guitar and writing my own music (unfortunately have been too busy to play at all lately) and have a youtube page too! …I literally haven’t posted in about a year :/

2. I design some of my own clothes in sketch books and took my first shot at sewing my own dress just yesterday!

3. I have two pillow pets, Darcy and Bingley, named after the characters from the book Pride & Prejudice

4. One of my biggest pet peeves is windshield wipers (i know weird, right?) If they’re going too fast and it’s not raining hard i have to fix them even when I’m not driving, or if they aren’t on, or are on when it is raining. (prob sounds more like OCD… but it’s only about windshield wipers)

5. One of the most uncomfortable feelings for me is having wet hair, so I blow dry it after every shower

6. I hate eating red meat unless it’s from Five Guys haha

7. I find doing big sighs is relaxing and I really enjoy it, but people look at me like I’m upset or angry when I’m not hahaha (this is really weird and random but I didn’t know what else to put… lol)


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