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Target Beauty Haul/Sonia Kashuk Review…

After recently visiting home and leaving my entire makeup bag there 😦 I decided to do a little necessity run through at Target to hold me over for the time being. Although majority of my feedback is mainly negative, for me I have been using high end products for a few years now, so going backwards with my products really showed me the value of them. Foundation, Concealer, Bronzer, Brows, Brushes, eye liner & macara and a few fun lip colors, this was the result and my opinion on these drug store products.

  1. Foundation – Sonia Kashuk Foundation Stick in shade 14

Luckily I had a beauty blender on hand for this one… Not much coverage, very oily and leaves my skin, even after a 12 hour day, feeling more moist than I would typically want. When applying, each stroke leaves a thick creamy line and you can see all of my pores! (until I blend, of course, but it still freaked me out!) I definitely miss my Urban Decay liquid foundation, or any of my past liquid foundations. If you typically like your liquid, i don’t recommend this at all.

2. Concealer – Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles

Maybelline® Instant Age Rewind® Eraser Dark Circles Concealer + Treatment - Neutralizer

I love the application of this! It’s so easy an smart! The product is lightweight and smooth. The only downfall is that it does crease under the eyes, so a good blending and applying a powder on top can help with that.

3. Bronzer – Sonia Kashuk Loose Powder Bronzer in 47 golden

I may have just picked the wrong color in this case. I feel as though many of the drug store brand bronzer’s I’ve ever used have been too orange-ish and sparkly. What I look for in a bronzer is a natural looking tan color and this was just too bright and had too much shimmer, but could look better if I already had a tan!

4. Brows – NYX Eyebrow Pencil in EP05 Dark Brown

This yet again may have been a color mistake by me. Although it was Dark Brown, it still came out too light for my brows and was highly visible throughout them. I did love that it came with the brush at the end though. It was a great tool for cleaning up and shapng my brows which I do on my own almost daily!

5. Brushes – Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Bush Couture 5 piece brush set

I’ve read a lot of reviews on these bushes that agree with my opinion of them all together, they’re adorable to look at and mainly only for that! The foundation brush is hard and doesn’t smoothly spread the foundation. The blush/powder brush I do love, although it sheds. I love the size, shape, and density of it and use it for my bronzer every day but picking little brush hairs off my face isn’t too fun. After previously using the small round shaped eyeliner brush that comes with the Maybelline Gel Liner pot (see below), the angled brush in this set was a blessing. I never knew any other liner brush till this and because of the angle brush my winged liner comes out perfect every time. The shadow brush is thick and great for full lid coverage. The crease brush I have yet to use, but it’s thin, frail and too flat and wide for my crease. I have heard many great things about the Sonia Kashuk Single brushes in comparison to the limited edition sets.

6. Eye Liner – Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Maybelline® Eye Studio® Lasting Drama™ Gel Eyeliner - Eggplant

This is another one of my go-to favorites. I have always used this eye liner gel and although have not tried many others besides MAC, I have always loved this one too much to change! It’s smooth and creamy so it’s easy to apply and stays the same all day. The only thing I will say about this product is because of the soft, creamy-ness it will smudge.

7. Mascara – Maybelline Colossal

I absolutely love this mascara. I’ve been using it for years and years now and have yet to find one I love more. Although after a long day it does flake a tiny bit, but I have never had the problem where it has been noticeable at all. It gives my lashes length and volume and I never have problems with it clumping unlike what I’ve experienced with many pricier, high end designer mascaras like Dior, Bag Gal Lash, Sephora, and Mac.

Beginner Lipstick for Olive Skin

Hey guys!
So, I’ve been really into lipstick for quite awhile, but never explored different types because i’ve always felt, and known, that I can’t get a grip of the look on myself. Therefore, I’ve sadly admired other girls beauty as they transitioned their looks with eye popping colors. After a trip to Sephora, and a trip to Mac, I was given a bit of guidance and able to pick a few. Trying on drastic colors like reds, and other brights were scary to me. I wasn’t and still am not used to wearing lipstick that I just thought I looked so strange! I’m sure many lipstick beginners feel the same. With my olive skin tone, I realized that all those amazing colors that many light skinned blondes can pull off will never work for me, but there are many other options that will glow beautifully with my olive tone. Here are a few that I’ve been wearing that aren’t too drastic, look good with olive skin, and don’t scare the ba-jezus out of me.

I know all of these somewhat look the same, but once they’re on they don’t at all.


The first one (starting from the top – or left) is Nars Mayflower, which I just got at Sephora for $26.



The next one I’m still a bit uncomfortable and scared to wear (haha) but it looks great with olive skin and I absolutely adoooreeee matte. This one I’d say is not a beginner lip because it’s a bright pop of color. It’s e.l.f. Matte Lip Color in Rich Red. It was hard to get a picture of it because unfortunately it melted in the car 😦 but I got it from Target for only a few dollars so it’s no problem to get a new one 🙂



The third one is MAC Frost; Creme de la Femme. This one looks a lot brighter once it’s on lips rather than on my hand or just in the tube. This one also gives me a bit of anxiety but is more subtle than the red and is gorgeous for summer.



Lastly, this one I got at Target also. It was recommended by a friend and is such a lovely color. It’s more bold than the first NARS color but is very similar. I had a MAC one that looked just like it but my little sister used all of it.. mostly on her face haha :). This one if my favorite!





Here are a few of my favorite pics of olive skinned celebs wearing lovely colored lipsticks 🙂









Hope this helps 🙂

-A xo

Mane n’ Tail Shampoo

Recently I’ve been trying new things to get my hair growing thicker and longer. I’ve constantly heard great things from friends about Mane n’ Tail Shampoo (a product that supposedly is for horses, but can be used by humans), saying that it makes their hair grow really really fast. I also had read really great reviews on So, why not try it? For about $8 for a large bottle, it was worth a shot in my book.

After only two weeks use, (yup, that’s all it took for me), I am ready to throw the bottle in the garbage.

After washing my hair with the shampoo, and not conditioning it at all, my hair was left feeling like plastic and was very clumped together and tangled.

I then tried it next with conditioner and the result was a bit better. I still found that my hair felt like rubber, just a bit less dramatic as the first time, so I just continued to use it.

After two weeks, I found that my usual every-other-day method of washing my hair couldn’t last. My roots were terribly greasy after just a day and every time I itched my scalp there would be white under my nails. Gross, right?  My scalp had become tremendously dry and my roots very greasy (yeah, I guess that is possible). It was just a bad experience and after my first use of an average shampoo, like Garnier Fructise, my hair was starting to feel normal and smooth again and the greasiness was fading.

I don’t recommend this product at all.

For some people it works, for me, it didn’t. Just be careful and pay close attention to the affects it’s having on your hair.