See Where Else I Write…

I like to explore writing in all aspects, so when I see an opportunity, I hold onto it and take advantage of what it has to offer! Therefore, you will find my writing published in a few other places, and if you’re interested you can check them out here…

Elite Daily – If you don’t know what Elite Daily is, then you have some major research and coming with the times to do. An online news outlet that gets over 40 million organic visitors a year says it all. To see my articles, visit here:

Nested Naturals – Nested Naturals is an all natural health product company in which I contribute Health related articles… Check out my “Author” page here:

StoryChick Magazine – One of my most prized and adventurous writing experiences, StoryChick Magazine was an online magazine made for millennial’s by millennial’s. I was grateful to be a weekly contributor in love, style, beauty, travel… (you name it, I dabbled into it) but unfortunately, it was a start-up and now it no longer publishes. Check out my writing here:

Deeper Than Words Blog – Deeper Than Words is another blog I created solely for my creative writing. From poetry to short story excerpts, you will find the deepest parts of my authentic, creative soul scribbled across those pages. Find it here:

Apertus Partners: Apertus is a professional services company that I currently work for, where I manage the social media, blogging, etc. I write about job searching and the career world. See my writing here: