Day: April 17, 2017

Emjoi Epi Slim Beauty Tool Review

Hi everyone!

It’s a proven fact – I’m all about trying out new beauty products, especially those concerning hair removal. That may be too much of the truth, but I’m Italian and Syrian… what else can I say? Recently I received this Emjoi Epi Slim hair removal tool from Lipton to review. It’s almost like an electric razor, but instead has a ton of tiny little tweezers that pull your hair out from the roots so that it doesn’t grow back for weeks. Sounds great, right? I liked the sound of it too – so I gave it a shot.

AP-14LC_02--Slim epi

Epi Slim+ e18 ($34.95) for sensitive area epilation is a great buy for Spring so you can get summer ready with quick and easy hair removal. That has to be one of the most annoying things about summer – the constant need to shave. For me, I know there’s nothing more frustrating. I fully take advantage of the fact that my legs are always covered in the Winter – bye bye razors – but now that I have this Epi Slim tool, I will simply need to shave once and not worry at all for a weeks. Imagine not having to shave your legs every other day in the summer? Sounds pretty convenient to me!

It’s light, runs on batteries, is actually a pretty cute looking tool (sounds weird, I know, but it really is… or light blue is just my favorite color) and is incredibly quick and easy to use. You simply turn it on and go. Boom. And this product can be used on your legs, armpits, face and bikini line… Magic. Simply convenient magic.

But there is one down fall for me when it comes to this product… It has been made clear to me before hand that all tools like this tend to hurt, so I wasn’t surprised when I used this one and it did too.

I tested 3 of the 4 areas. Can you guess which one I didn’t try?

My bikini line. I tried my leg first. It pinched a tiny bit – it wasn’t anything too dramatic. I could handle doing this to my legs every few weeks to prevent the constant need to shave. But, I have a pretty medium pain tolerance; I wouldn’t say I’m tolerant, but I’m not too sensitive.

Then I gave it a go on my arm pits. Disclaimer: I didn’t shave for a few days so that I could try this out the right way. Obviously you can’t properly tweeze hair that’s too short because the tweezers need something long enough to grab ahold of. This, unlike my legs, hurt. It was scary to do in the first place, and I think the fear of it all made it worse for me, but this isn’t something I would do again. If you have a pretty good pain tolerance, then this may be do-able for you, especially since your armpits are a small area that can be done quickly.

After that I tried it on my face – my lip, to be exact. Surprisingly enough, this was do-able. Yet again, scary at first, but do-able. My skin was pretty pink after but I didn’t get any kind of post-rash and didn’t feel the intensity of the pinching that I had on my armpits. It was pretty satisfying.

Overall, I’m pretty excited to have a product that I can rely on to save me from the constant razor purchasing and shaving. I won’t need to worry this summer about shaving, or the embarrassing moment when I realize I forgot too – because I now have a product that allows me to forget and relax for a few weeks at a time and just embrace bare skin and sun! Thanks Emjoi!