Blue Summer…




Dress: Missguided

Shoes: Aldo

I instantly fell in love with this Missguided dress while shopping for a birthday outfit. The chic elegance of it was perfect  for celebrating in style and it’s of course, my favorite color. Upon receiving it I was skeptical of how it would look on me, since baggy shift dresses don’t suite my fuller hip body type, but it was so beautiful I though for sure it would be the exception… Yet it wasn’t. Therefore I will return/use the dress for a project, but I figured I would share it with all of you anyway, because regardless of its fit on me, it is still incredibly beautiful! The effortless swing and elegant length and touch of silk showing from underneath really makes this great for a nice dinner, a daytime party, or nearly any nice summer occasion.  Since moving to our new house, I’ve had a hard time finding a suitable spot to take pictures, so with much urgency this white door will have to do for now 🙂 .


What do you think?

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