Month: April 2015

NYC Streetstyle…






Hat – Forever 21

Sunglasses – Steve Madden

Blouse – Francesca’s Boutique

Jeans – Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

I had an absolute BLAST with my friend in NYC this weekend. We hit every great spot in the city (especially shopping spots – of course (; ), relaxed, took our time, and enjoyed every bit of it! It is by far my favourite place. My dreams are to hopefully live there someday! I’ll just keep adding to that savings account… haha. Usually I try to throw on something casual yet chic and comfy because walking around the city all day can get very tiring, but yet I still always feel not fashionable enough to compare to those New Yorkers! I was very pleased when I got quite the few compliments on my attire so I took it as a must to share. (Oh and I was enjoying some beautiful cappuccino gelato in these pics! haha) I hope you all had a weekend as great as mine!



PS. a few pics from my trip….

IMG_2193 IMG_2198 IMG_2216 IMG_2240

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

Hey everyone!

I’ve been having quite a bit of random little breakouts on my face lately, and never having had acne before I imagined it might have something to do with my uncleaned makeup brushes – so I stopped using them in hopes I would get some makeup brush cleaner soon. After some Pintrest snooping, I found a few tricks and decided to give one a go. The results were amazing! This is a super easy, inexpensive, at home way to get all of the old makeup completely out. I swear – your brushes will be the same color as when they were bought new.

Step 1: Get a bowl or clear cup (clear, so you can see the results :P)

Step 2: Get some olive oil and dish soap

Here’s what I used…

IMG_3031   IMG_3032

Step 3: 1 tsp. olive oil – 1 tsp. dish soap. – 3-4 tbsp. cool water


Step 4: Dab brush into the mix until it becomes a lather, and you feel the makeup from the brush is residing in the mix


Step 5: Rinse the brush under cool water…

Before & After...

IMG_3039   IMG_3041

Step 6: Squeeze off excess water and rest to dry on paper towel

Amazing, right!?

Hope this helps 🙂

xo, A