The Easy Elegant Up-do

Hey beauties!

I’m not hairdresser, nor am I the best at hair, but I was asked by my boyfriends mom to do her hair for an office holiday party. I said sure, why not right?


She sent me the picture and I pretty much crapped myself. Now, I love doing all things girly and love experimenting and playing around with makeup and hair and style, but trying something like this for my first time, when it has to look good the first try? I was freaking myself out haha. After looking up some Pinterest how-to’s, I gave it a go, and to my surprise? It came out pretty damn well!!
So I decided, if it was that easy for me, it is definitely do-able for everyone else.
Here are the tips I used to get it done:



I also pulled some of her hair from the front and put it into a small bobble, so at the end she could have some free pieces.
Now, before I put the elastic at the bottom, I curled the hair in the pony. For this tutorial I found on Pintrest, the next step was the tuck the pony piece under, like this:


What I found easier was pulling the hair up towards the top rather than under, and tucking the bit under in somewhat of a rolled way. This diagram somewhat explains it :


I pinned the sides so it would stay, like this :


Then I continued to add bobby pins throughout to hold some of the curls, and added hairspray as well.
This is what it looked like:


I then braided the two side pieces, put elastic a on them, and crossed them at the back. I tucked in the end but into the bun bit.




I then grabbed the bit in the tiny pony at the top of her head and blow dried it with a round brush to give it some volume, and then curled the ends.

That’s it!

I hope you like it and can have an easier, more simple time after this post!!

Enjoy 🙂


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