Day: September 14, 2014

The Best I Could Be

I tried the best I could

To be the best I could

For even the worst of you

Just so you could be the best you could to me.

But the best I could wasn’t good enough

To make you the best you could be to me.

And even when I see the sun shining from your eyes

And flowers sprouting

With every step that rises from the dirt

I trail behind

Dragging weeds

Because that’s the best I can be.

A tiny weed

Scattered through your flowers

Because what you see of me

Is what I have come to be

And the best I will ever be

Is as great as you make me.

I see the best in you

But you don’t see the best in me

And therefore we can never be.

Even though this is the truth

I will stay and admire you

Until the weeds have eaten all your flowers away

And you ask me to leave.

But until then

I will be the best that I can be

For even the worst of you.