Month: September 2014

Kylie Jenner Makeup

Hey loves!

So I’ve had this huge obsession with Kylie Jenner’s makeup lately (specifically her lips). So after visiting Sephora yesterday, I found some great items! After some work, I think I’ve managed it. I’m no makeup artist (even though I wish I could be!), so this is the best shot I have! This is for all of you lovelies who want just a basic way to get a great look – Here are the simple steps and cheap items I used to get this it-

We all know Kylie Jenner has never had big lips; they were actually very small, until now!


kiley Kylie-Jenner kylie-jenner

So what her makeup artists have clearly done is when they put lipliner on her, they go just a bit above her real lip line. So i tried this! I followed my lip line of course, but i made the line thicker so it went above a bit. It made my lips look fuller and of course, bigger!

I used a $5.00 lip liner stick from Sephora, made by Sephora. The color is Radiant Rosy. My color is a bit darker than Kylie’s, so this may only be a night color. It looks really dark in the pictures, but isn’t actually聽that dark.

I winged out my eye liner. I usually do this on a daily basis anyway. I use Maybelline Eye Studio Gel pot eyeliner, which comes with a brush too. I’ve been using this one for years, and even after using a MAC one, this one still is the best! And only $9 at any pharmacy or supermarket!

I would have put on fake eyelashes, but I currently have no glue 馃槮

I put on MAC Mineralize Moisture Broad Spectrum liquid foundation NC35. This goes best with my skin color, but Kylie has pretty light skin, so if you’re trying to look exactly like her, then I would use the lightest foundation you have. I recommend any Maybelline of your choice from a drug store!

It doesn’t seem as thought she wears much blush at all, and if she does it would be almost a honey like color. I used just a little bit of very light pink blush, Estee Lauder Peach Passion, but you can use what you prefer. Another great light, pink blush that is cheap is NYX stick blush in Orchid at any drug store or supermarket!

I typically use my MAC Refined Golden bronzer, but this time I used Bronze Booster in Medium to Dark, which I bought at Walgreens.

For my eyebrows, I used this amazing Sephora Crayon Brow Pencil in Rich Chestnut, and it was only $13!

Here’s how my look turned out:

Photo on 9-21-14 at 4.40 PM #2 Photo on 9-21-14 at 4.44 PM #2聽聽聽聽Photo on 9-21-14 at 4.39 PM #5


Fab Finds That Won’t Break Your Bank

So this weekend I did some shopping. Yes, it was a great weekend 馃檪 Shopping always warms my heart (haha). Nothing is more exciting than looking forward to wearing something new for the first time, but sometimes, shopping gets difficult. There have been so many times where one shopping trip will result in all of my money gone on one item… So here are some great pieces that I found that are not only affordable, but will enhance your closet.

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3 photo 4

I found this dress in Urban Outfitters. I just went in to have a look and saw it and thought, what the heck I’ll try it on just because it’s gorgeous. Why not, right? (Take my advice, DON’T do that) I tried it on, and fell in love. It was $70.00. I have no where to really wear it to, but I just couldn’t resist it!

kphoto 3 kphoto 4

kphoto 1

Both the maroon crop top and skirt I bought from Forever 21. They look great together! The top was $6.00 and the Skirt was only $15.00

lphoto 1

Fur is really in right now! I saw this at H&M and loved it! They had other colors and types of faux fur vests as well. This was $45.00

nphoto 3

This plaid, oversized shirt with knit sweater sleeves was so grungy and cute! It’s from Forever 21 and was $27.00

mphoto 2

This adorable skirt is from Francesca’s and was $44.00

ophoto 4 ophoto 5

Now, I wanted this Nike jacket since last winter, and saw it in FinishLine. It was the last one they had, in my size and I was literally in love. I was with my boyfriend at the mall and was swooning over it, but it was $130.00! I couldn’t bear to cough up that much on one thing (especially when I knew I had a lot more shopping to do! :)) So, my boyfriend ended up just paying for it! (yes, I’m a very luck girl to have him 馃檪 xo ) This might be a bank breaker, but I just thought I would share it with you because it is to die for!

Hope these finds are to your liking!


Liebster Award

liebster award

I couldn’t be any more grateful and happy and honored to be nominated for my first ever award on WordPress!! Thank you so so very much, So This Is My Blog, you are an angel. To everyone: go check out her amazing, ohsocute, touching, page. You won’t be able to resist following her 馃檪 .

Award Rules:
1-Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their blog.

2-Answer the 11 questions you鈥檝e been set.

3-Nominate 11 bloggers with a following count of less than 1000.

4-Set 11 new questions for your nominees.

Here it goes… Question Time!

1- If you could swap places with anyone for the day who would it be?

This is a really hard question… I’m not too sure about this one, but I will choose someone that I think it would be fun to be and that would probably be…

2- Who inspires you?

I have to say, Audrey Hepburn inspires me the most. Not only was she a classy, elegant, beautiful style icon, she was an ambassador for UNICEF and it really is my dream to help people.
3- Dream job?

Be a broadcast journalist and travel the world, helping people in need along the way – or a Fashion Journalist or stylist.. I’m still trying to figure out my plan (;

4- Favourite movie of all time?

A Little Bit of Heaven – Kate Hudson is one of my all time favorite actresses.
5- The city or the countryside?

I love both, but I would choose the city. It has always been my dream to live in NYC.
6- Favourite quote?聽聽

I have one too many. I keep an entire journal filled with quotes but this is currently the one that has been sitting on my nightstand for awhile now: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle” – Ian MaClaren
5- The one meal you鈥檇 be willing to eat every day?

haha, chipotle 馃檪
6- What鈥檚 the best book you鈥檝e read?

Pride and Prejudice
7- If you could visit 1 time zone,聽聽聽聽 where would you choose to go?

50s/60s. The clothes, music, people… It has my heart.
8- The hardest thing about blogging?

Receiving recognition.
9- Do you believe in any superstitions?

I聽always knock on wood. Even if I don’t say it out loud, I knock on wood.
10- A singer/band you think everyone should hear?

Everyone probably already has, especially on the radio, but a better look at all their songs, especially from the past: Coldplay (my favorite).
11- what was the last dream/nightmare you had?聽

I can’t remember last nights dream… I took some Benadryl cause I have a cold 馃槮 but the night before I had a nightmare about a German Shepard attacking me, because I had once been bit by one!

The questions I’m setting are:

1- Who is your favourite person?

2- What month in the year do you like best?

3- Choosing one, artist or actor, who is your favourite celebrity?

4- What is the first thing you do in the morning?

5- Do you have a weird fetish/habit? (haha – trying to get creative here)

6- Would you rather live the life of someone of your choice, or yours?

7- What is your favourite flower?

8- What did you have for dinner last night?

9- Do you remember/have had your first love?

10- What is your favourite store to shop in?

11- Who has left the biggest mark on your life thus far?

The 11 blogs I’m nominating are:

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Tips For a Broken Heart

We’ve all been there… We’ve all struggled with this… And trust me, you’re not a human if you didn’t do some stupid things after a bad breakup. Here are some of my best tips to surviving heartache –


ridic tweets rob-kardashian-rita-ora-slept-with-20-people-while-we-were-going-out-1 kat-von-d-deadmau5

Alright guys…. We all understand you are hurt and clearly all the aspects of your breakups and reasoning, but COME ON. Putting all of your emotions all over twitter is just embarrassing – trust me. It happens to everyone and even I have been in the position quite a few times. It feels amazing and pretty darn okay in the moment when your emotions are overflowing and you want that little cheating piece of crap to be made a fool, but really… Either no one cares, or they do and are just laughing at you. Yeah, you will definitely get some sympathy. But go to your friends, not your randoms.




It’s so hard, right!? Ugh, I know. There may have been some bad times, but all of the memories you keep of them and sweatshirts, movie tickets, etc. are good memories. IT DOESN’T MATTER – throw that shit out. They will make you think about all of those good times and that’s the last thing you need!!! Dwelling over the past won’t get you anywhere, honey. Throw that trash out along with him. And don’t try to give it back to him either (don’t follow Sarah Silverman after her break up with Jimmy Fallon….), just put it in the trash. It will not only give you a great feeling of satisfaction of sealing it in your past, but giving him his things back just allows him to have more things that he probably wants or needs! No no no, lets let him suffer a little.



so alone

Don’t fantasize about the could haves, would haves, should haves. They aren’t. Throw on your favorite pair of sexy jeans and listen to some hot mama music. Feel sexy and get some confidence back. Here are some of my favorite tracks –

Break Your Heart Right Back – Ariana Grande

Everybody Knows (Douchebag) -Dustin Tavella

I Hate Boys – Christina Aguilera

Vanity – Christina Aguilera

Dirty Talk – Wynter Gordon

Motivation – Kelly Rolland

Hell On Heels – Pistol Annies

Flawless – Beyonce

Fancy – Iggy

Partition – Beyonce

And many more out there… just do some digging (;



girl txting

All of those boys from back then when you were single, hit ’em up ladies. Some innocent attention will never hurt! It’s an amazing distraction, flirting. Go on a few dates! Who cares! A few texting buddies is the perfect way to boost confidence and create a distraction. Let them tell you how beautiful you are! Let them want you and chase you! Hard to get. Which leads us to our next major heartbreak no-no……



girl w:guys

Yes ladies, I know revenge is ever so sweet, but don’t do that to yourself. It really, really won’t help – just maybe make you look a bit desperate. Stay out of the bedroom with your rebounds. Let them make you feel sexy and want you, but don’t give it away. Keep them on a leash, always wanting but never getting. Then your distractions won’t fade (;



girls at club

FORGET THE GUYS! You need some girl time. Put on some sexy heels, show those legs, and get your dancing on. Oh, and the shots too.




Ahhhhh, yes. Being upset and using “retail therapy” is always my favorite excuse to spend money. We may not all be able to be the Carrie Bradshaw’s or Blair Waldorf’s of the world, but spending a tiny bit more than normal is A-OK!




Your friends are always (supposed to be) there for you. Talk, cry, laugh, express your feelings and look for advice from them… Letting it all out is good, great actually. But there’s a stopping point. Not everyone wants to hear your love drama every time you’re with them, the entire time. After the first week of being a single woman, don’t have daily rambles about the breakup, him, or his new bait. It’s not good for your friendships or your mentality. Put it behind you. The less you talk about it, the more it will disappear. Dwelling is never good. And don’t feel like a little kid if you need to let it out and write in a journal – it always works like a charm for me 馃檪

giphy (1)




Get all of your favorite foods – screw your diet for a day or two. Oh, and the gym! Let yourself relax and embrace all of your favorite delights. But just remember to get yourself together after a day or two… Lets not create any bad habits to mask the hurt…


Don’t go to your exes and your favorite restaurants anymore… Those are in the past (for now). Try the new place on the block, the place he never wanted to try, go hiking, take a new class at the gym, try horseback riding. Get creative! Embrace all of your favorite hobbies and try new things.

laughing girls

Hope this helps. Laugh a little more xo


I love you

I love you

Like the moon loves the stars.

I love you

Like bees love honey.

I love you

Like fish love the sea.

I love you

As much as I need air to breathe.

Now you’ve gone away

Not like before,

Waiting to come back another day.

You’re far away

Never to come back to me.

But you see,

I love you

Like the moon love the stars,

Like bees love honey,

Like the fish love the sea,

And as much as I need air to breathe

And no matter if you leave,

I’m lucky to have loved you

For you were the best I could ever see

The best I could ever need.

And I’ll always love you

Like the moon loves the stars,

Like bees love honey

Like the fish love the sea

And more than I need air to breathe.

No one will ever love you as much as me.


An Ocean For Your Thoughts


I can’t exactly explain what I feel when I watch the ocean.

It makes me feel so small, so alone, yet so important in the strangest way. It relaxes me in a way that no one or anything ever could. And when I’m away from it, too far away, I stare at pictures of it and its beauty and still feel its breeze and amazement.

A simple blue, the darkness and even the lightest of them but they are still the deepest. A sad blue. They go so deep where no one can reach. They turn in my soul.

We’re the same, you know, the ocean and I. Wandering deep down into the unknown and reaching out for the unseen.


Just a Hello!

Hey guys!!

I just wanted to take the time to say a few things to everyone who follows my blog and takes the time to read, like and comment on my posts – you have no idea how amazing you are and how much I appreciate you!!!! I had only realized a few days ago when editing my page and adding an email subscription count that I had above 600 of you and I cannot thank you enough!!! I am so so incredibly honored and grateful.

A few more things:

Someone said to me recently out of the blue, “How many poets does it take to change a lightbulb? None! Poets can write from the darkest places”

Whatever that means to you, I took it the nonliteral way. My writing does tend to be a bit dark and somewhat depressing – this has been the case with the majority of everything I’ve ever written, from poem to song, since I was a freshman in high school. Sorry to be the debby-downer of the poetry world! 馃檪 Also, I don’t want anyone to think that I live a depressed, horrible life, because I don’t and I love every person in it. I just hope my writing can touch your soul in some way, and even if you’ve never experienced anything that I’m writing about, I hope it can make you feel a way you never have before. Simply put, I hope you enjoy it 馃檪


From Bad to Fab :)

So I have quite a funny story for you —

At the end of last winter, I bought an on sale, gorgeous oversized (I bought a medium so it purposely would be too big) sweater from J.Crew. I had only worn it a few times, when having left it on the wash, someone else put it in the dryer for me and it shrunk 馃槮 It was at such an awkward size, it looked like an 8 year olds sweater! I saved it anyway, in hopes I could give it a stretch or give it away to a little kid. When pulling out my winter clothes yesterday, I threw it in the wash with a pile of other clothes, and being forgetful Alex, I threw it in the dryer AGAIN. Now, It’s SO small, I thought I could probably pull it off as a crop top!

So therefore, with a few fixes, a sad and wasteful (of money that is) situation turned out not so bad!


My shrunken sweater and I, sad :(

My shrunken sweater and I, sad 馃槮


IMG_1482 IMG_1503 IMG_1509

The shorts are Express 馃檪


The Best I Could Be

I tried the best I could

To be the best I could

For even the worst of you

Just so you could be the best you could to me.

But the best I could wasn’t good enough

To make you the best you could be to me.

And even when I see the sun shining from your eyes

And flowers sprouting

With every step that rises from the dirt

I trail behind

Dragging weeds

Because that’s the best I can be.

A tiny weed

Scattered through your flowers

Because what you see of me

Is what I have come to be

And the best I will ever be

Is as great as you make me.

I see the best in you

But you don’t see the best in me

And therefore we can never be.

Even though this is the truth

I will stay and admire you

Until the weeds have eaten all your flowers away

And you ask me to leave.

But until then

I will be the best that I can be

For even the worst of you.



Hey guys!

So, winter/cold weather is quickly arriving and that gets me excited particularly for gorgeous boots and scarves!! But there always comes a fashion dilemma – UGGs. They have been shunned in the fashion world, yet are still a must-have (in my books). Well, sorry fashion gurus, but UGGs are amazing in the winter – super warm and unbelievably comfortable.

Now yes – they’re not upperclass fashion world, but they’re a great go-to and my first choice for some simple yet chic, quick, street style. Believe it or not, even designers like Michael Kors, Coach, River Island, Stella McCartney, make their own ugg-type boots, but not even the top designers can compare.

There are even tons of celebrities rocking UGGs on the streets!

Blake Lively – Kim Kardashian – Hillary Duff – Miley Cyrus – Mila Kunis – Jennifer Aniston – Penelope Cruz – Elle Macpherson -Gwen Stefani – Megan Fox – Vanessa Hudgens聽

AND so many more!!

Even the iconic Sarah Jessica Parker wears them about, as well as Leighton Meester and her fashion obsessed character Blair Waldorff who wears them on screen!

gisele bundchen

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker


Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Enjoy 馃檪