Month: August 2014

VMA Style You DON’T Want to Miss

The VMA’s are always a night that tends to be filled with celebrity drama — I mean, what award show doesn’t have some drama? But these celebrity red carpet looks are the type you definitely don’t want to miss; from the major NO-NO’s to the ultra rad looks that will never be forgotten, and some sexy attire that has hit the trend meter, check them out here:

Lets start off with Riff Raff & Katy Perry. This is a look the pair will certainly be remembered for throughout style history, as was Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s infamous look from the 2001 American Music Awards. They pulled off the look quite well, and even got Britney’s approval.

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This next look is one that I definitely feel could have been pulled off a bit better with someone who has a little more height. Kim Kardashian in this short, beaded dress looks too much like an oompah oomph (no offense Kim!). The dress itself is gorgeous, but she was showing too much cleavage and almost drowned in the largeness of the sleeves. She is already a very short, small woman as it is and this dress didn’t help, especially paired with the high ankle heels, which resulted in her legs looking even shorter.

kim-kardashian-mtv-vma-20141 kim-kardashian-mtv-vma-2014



Jennifer Lopez looked absolutely stunning in her revealing Charbel Zoe gown. Looking younger than ever, she is in amazing shape and has no worry showing off a bit of skin!



Kendall Jenner looking amazing, as usual, in this Alon Livne mesh top and high waisted pant. Fabulous style is her second nature!



I was very impressed in Nick Jonas’s unique suit, and of course had to add him into this post simply because of his fabulous Rhode Islander girlfriend, Olivia Culpo. Who couldn’t love her!?



Ariana Grande channelled her inner sexy side in this tiny, leather Moschino dress (well, she is tiny) and her signature thigh high boots. She still looks adorable! (Don’t forget to check out her new album My Everything, which just came out last night! Get it here –> …   It’s just as amazing as her xo)



Sarah Hyland looked unbelievably STUNNING in this Kaufmanfranco dress. This was absolutely my favorite look of the night.



To be honest, I didn’t know Charli XCX was wearing a onesie or an outfit for a build-a-bear. Not impressed with this look at all, and don’t expect many of you with fashion taste to love this look either.



Another look that had me gasping “No – no really, WHY” is Amber Rose. This is just way too revealing in the worst ways. She looks like a stripper, ready for the best performance of her life.



Solange Knowles looking gorgeous in H&M. From hair-to-toe, she rocks this look amazingly.




Both Jourdan Dunn and Victoria Justice (and the little bow ties on her heels- so cute!), wearing crop top pieces and long skirts, looked stunning in their ensembles. jourdan-dunn-mtv-vma-20141 victoria-justice-amber-rose-mtv-vma-2014


Although the entire night did seem like the Beyonce Music Awards, I give the woman some credit on her Press gown. She looked amazing (as usual).




A few moments of the night that can’t be forgotten:

Nicki Minaj humping the floor with dancers to her new song, “Anaconda.” If you haven’t seen it yet, youtube it. It won’t be hard to find.



Another moment created by the infamous Nicki Minaj was during her performance with Usher, as he knelt down and bumped his head against her butt during their performance.


And lets not forget about her wardrobe malfunction during her performance with Ariana Grande and Jessie J, where the zipper to the front of her dress broke and she had to hold it together the entire time.

Another memorable moment was made by Miley Cyrus. The crazy artist had her award accepted by a homeless artists by the name of Jesse, who made a speech about the numerous homeless teens and young people in LA who are aspiring artists, and encourage viewers to donate to giving them better lives.



See more pics from the night on Hollywood Life here.




Dear Love

Dear Love,
I find you in my mind
In my morning
My night
My dreams
My strolls
Through the park.
You’re everywhere I go
Even when
You’re standing
At someone else’s

Dear Love,
You’ve torn out my heart
And left it
Yet I still come back
For more.
You’ve shackled it
To the floor
And kept it.
And that’s okay
Because I’m yours

Dear Love,
There’s no going back
To the start
Our ‘new leaves’
Have fallen
Oh so far.
Winter is coming
It’ll be too cold
Out here
For a lonely heart.
I am destined to freeze
I am falling apart.

So dear Love,
Remember me
As your heart
And soul.
Remember me
As your love
That never grew old.
Remember me
When I am not around
Because maybe
I will mean more then
Than I have now.


Newport – Block Island, RI

The view from our bedroom window – Newport, RI


Roof top view – Newport, RI


Rooftop view – Newport, RI


Rooftop view – Newport, RI


Rooftop view – Newport, RI


Me looking out from the rooftop – Newport, RI


Laying on Newport 1st beach – Newport, RI


Thew view from our restaurant table – Block Island, RI


Block Island, RI


Going along a path to a more hidden beach – Block Island, RI


Block Island, RI


Block Island, RI


“God Bless, Go Fish” – Block Island, RI


Block Island, RI


Walking the beach – Block Island, RI


Block Island, RI


Block Island, RI


Sunset from our room – Newport, RI

I went to visit home last week due to an unfortunate loss in the family, but luckily that week my mom had a timeshare in Newport, RI. I’ve been there many times, it only being about 35-45 minutes away from my house, but not enough to enjoy it. It was just so relaxing and inspiring to wake up there every day. Bristol, my home town, isn’t a much different environment, but there was much about Newport that I hadn’t explored. It hit me, very quickly and as hard as a brick, that a place so beautiful that has been 35 minutes down the road in my home state was one that I was unfamiliar with. As I walked around every day exploring shops and enjoying smoothies from the lines of shacks, I noticed all of the people around me. Many, many tourists and many young high schoolers around hanging about with their friends. This suddenly made me regret not exploring more when I was younger. Now I live in a completely different state and environment 8 hours away, which is most likely the reason I realized I took the beauty of my home for granted.
Block Island is another part of Rhode Island that is about a $20 ferry ride away and is amazing. I had only been there one other time besides this past week.
I’ve personally always been the type to let the environment around me inspire me and touch my soul, so I was truly disappointed in the lack of adventure and appreciation I had during my growing up years. I had been truly blessed to live in a place so beautiful, surrounded by the open sea and salt for so many years. I hope that this beauty can inspire you a bit too.


Kindness, or Naivety?

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Sometimes, too many times, I find myself deeply disappointed with humanity. And I know, that’s such a bold statement, right? And what qualifies me to feel this way? Well, I’m not completely sure either but based on a few experiences this is my opinion —
Yes, I’ve heard the saying a thousand times (something along the lines of): ‘To see a change you alone must make change in yourself first’.
But even in a case such as the one I experienced, with the amount of people around me, I really felt no sense of hope or kindness from a single one of them…
I had went to visit home last week and had to take a bus there (10 hours – crazy, right?). While on a ‘layover’ where I was waiting for another bus is NYC, in a line of 25+ people, a man with a pile of cash in his hand came over and said he needed just $4 to get his bus ticket; “Even $1, $2 or $3 will help me out, please,” he said. I suddenly felt a strong feeling of not only guilt, because of the amount of cash I had in my purse, but sadness because everyone around me either looked away or simply stood starring. Now yes, of course I need my money. I’m a broke, 20 year old college student. In this day and age, who doesn’t need their money? But $4? All I could think was he needed that $4 more than I did. After waiting 5 minutes, seeing if maybe someone else would spare him the change, they didn’t and I pulled open my purse and gave him $5.
I was shocked that not a single person before me couldn’t spare not even a single dollar. As soon as I gave him the money he went straight to the nearest ticket booth. Whether anyone had an suspicion that he might be using the money for other, illegal reasons, even if he really were to use the money for something other than a ticket, did all of those people there really have no hope that maybe he really did just need help? And $5, really, what will that buy you? 2 waters?
I just really couldn’t believe it. There had to be some kind of hope and kindness among those people to spare even a dollar, but there wasn’t. A family member could have passed in his old home town, he could be separated from his child and their birthday was coming up; All because he was (most likely) poor and looked as though he was under bad circumstances didn’t mean that he wasn’t a human being who for $4 needed the help and human decency of other people.
Truly shameful and sad that out of all of those people I was the only person who could be a bit optimistic and spare $4 for a person in need.
I told a few family members about the situation when I arrived home and they all laughed, thinking I was so silly and naive: “I bet all the money he had in his hand that that was not going to a bus ticket. We’ve all made the mistake before but now you’ve learned. All those other people knew better not to give him a dime.”
But is that really right? Am I really that wrong in sparing $4 to a person in need?

Optimism can often be misleading, but lending kindness to a stranger in need should never be second guessed.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

-A xo


IMG_1007 IMG_1009 IMG_1015 IMG_1021 IMG_1032 IMG_1033 IMG_1035 IMG_1045 IMG_1059 IMG_1066


Hey lovelies,

I finally decided to do some exploring for my blog pics haha 🙂 I got my friend Connor to come along and take pictures for me after I did some shopping this weekend. No matter where or what pieces they are, wearing all black together always creates a stylish outfit.

This adorable top I bought at Forever 21! I thought it was an awesome tee that could be dressed up or down and is very chic! It says “New York Paris London 1°N Los Angeles Label” . I tied it on a little side knot to fit nicely with the high-waisted skirt.

I had seen a skirt a few weeks back that was really similar to this one and fell in absolute LOVE with it! I couldn’t find it again so I got this one in exchange from Forever 21. The zipper goes all the way down the skirt and angles sideways a bit, and has a strip of leather next to it. It isn’t supposed to be a tight fit – it has a nice little flair to it that I thought was just lovely.

The shoes are from Aldo. I’m really into a pointed toe right now, as is the fashion world and just couldn’t resist these beauts!

The sunglasses were also from Forever 21 — a week or so back I left my RayBans at a friend’s house and was in quick need of a cheap pair and found these. They can dress up every outfit with a bit of sass.

You can’t see my jewelry much, but I am wearing two gold necklaces paired together, one’s shorter than the other and is a small circle and the other one, the longer one, is a little Scottie puppy. Both are from Francesca’s. I’m wearing two rings, one’s a plain, thick gold one and the other is an extremely thin, braided ring. I’m also wearing a black leather braided bracelet with thick gold squares looped around it from Forever 21.

Thanks for viewing 🙂

-A xo

Beginner Lipstick for Olive Skin

Hey guys!
So, I’ve been really into lipstick for quite awhile, but never explored different types because i’ve always felt, and known, that I can’t get a grip of the look on myself. Therefore, I’ve sadly admired other girls beauty as they transitioned their looks with eye popping colors. After a trip to Sephora, and a trip to Mac, I was given a bit of guidance and able to pick a few. Trying on drastic colors like reds, and other brights were scary to me. I wasn’t and still am not used to wearing lipstick that I just thought I looked so strange! I’m sure many lipstick beginners feel the same. With my olive skin tone, I realized that all those amazing colors that many light skinned blondes can pull off will never work for me, but there are many other options that will glow beautifully with my olive tone. Here are a few that I’ve been wearing that aren’t too drastic, look good with olive skin, and don’t scare the ba-jezus out of me.

I know all of these somewhat look the same, but once they’re on they don’t at all.


The first one (starting from the top – or left) is Nars Mayflower, which I just got at Sephora for $26.



The next one I’m still a bit uncomfortable and scared to wear (haha) but it looks great with olive skin and I absolutely adoooreeee matte. This one I’d say is not a beginner lip because it’s a bright pop of color. It’s e.l.f. Matte Lip Color in Rich Red. It was hard to get a picture of it because unfortunately it melted in the car 😦 but I got it from Target for only a few dollars so it’s no problem to get a new one 🙂



The third one is MAC Frost; Creme de la Femme. This one looks a lot brighter once it’s on lips rather than on my hand or just in the tube. This one also gives me a bit of anxiety but is more subtle than the red and is gorgeous for summer.



Lastly, this one I got at Target also. It was recommended by a friend and is such a lovely color. It’s more bold than the first NARS color but is very similar. I had a MAC one that looked just like it but my little sister used all of it.. mostly on her face haha :). This one if my favorite!





Here are a few of my favorite pics of olive skinned celebs wearing lovely colored lipsticks 🙂









Hope this helps 🙂

-A xo