Day: June 12, 2014

Mane n’ Tail Shampoo

Recently I’ve been trying new things to get my hair growing thicker and longer. I’ve constantly heard great things from friends about Mane n’ Tail Shampoo (a product that supposedly is for horses, but can be used by humans), saying that it makes their hair grow really really fast. I also had read really great reviews on So, why not try it? For about $8 for a large bottle, it was worth a shot in my book.

After only two weeks use, (yup, that’s all it took for me), I am ready to throw the bottle in the garbage.

After washing my hair with the shampoo, and not conditioning it at all, my hair was left feeling like plastic and was very clumped together and tangled.

I then tried it next with conditioner and the result was a bit better. I still found that my hair felt like rubber, just a bit less dramatic as the first time, so I just continued to use it.

After two weeks, I found that my usual every-other-day method of washing my hair couldn’t last. My roots were terribly greasy after just a day and every time I itched my scalp there would be white under my nails. Gross, right? ┬áMy scalp had become tremendously dry and my roots very greasy (yeah, I guess that is possible). It was just a bad experience and after my first use of an average shampoo, like Garnier Fructise, my hair was starting to feel normal and smooth again and the greasiness was fading.

I don’t recommend this product at all.

For some people it works, for me, it didn’t. Just be careful and pay close attention to the affects it’s having on your hair.