Month: May 2014



I think about things that I feel

And I just can’t write them down.

Well, today, I can’t write them down.

I’ve been feeling those types of feelings a lot lately.

They call for beautiful, deep poetry

And it grows in my mind

But I can’t write them down.

If I write them down

They become something real.

They become real ideas,

pieces put together.

They become real objects

imprinted on the page

And every time I will see them

They’ll bring those same emotions

I want to throw away

And I forever won’t be able to get rid of them

Because they’ll always be there


Sinking deeper into the paper

Never to be erased.


Outfit of the Day: May 30 2014

Kim Kardashian made memorable fashion moments in Paris as she awaited her wedding day. This outfit was worn out on a ice cream date with her new hubby, Kanye West. This is an every day outfit that can be worn by anyone! She looks absolutely stunning in these simplistic pieces and is back in amazing shape.


Long sleeved white v-neck with an open back, light blue skinny denim high ankle jeans and gold pointed, strappy heels. Simply beautiful (and Kanye in matching denim!)

Want the outfit? Here’s where you can find similar pieces at affordable prices:

TOP: The Turning heads top from Tobi can be tucked in the front and left to fall in the back — $46.00


Alternative tops that will look great with this outfit is the Freewheeling Top from Tobi  — $40.00 (


And the Reverse Knitted Top from Beginning Boutique — $54.94 (


Pants: The Rollas in Westcoast Avalon Blue from General Pants Co. ( — $159.95


HEELS: From Asos ( — $47.64


Another cute alternative that will look great with this look is the Nude Smith pointed heel with a gold back from Zu Shoes (1st pair) — (on sale) $91.00 (

Or the gold pointed Jeffery Campbell Amaro Pumpfound on Nasty Gal (2nd pair) —  $155.00 (


Sources:,,, (for pics of kim),,,

Swimwear Hotspots: Where to find the best for Summer 2014

I’ve really been into swimwear this Spring and have done some major snooping to find the cutest swimwear labels. From big brands, to hole-in-the-wall stores, these stores will for sure have something that will be to your liking. For sexy pieces to flirty, cute ruffles and all that comes in-between, you can find them here at any of these amazing stores.

Mikoh Swimwear


The label has really expanded this year, with their gorgeous pieces being found on celebrities all over the world and setting the bathing suit style on fire.

Celebrities in Mikoh-

LeAnn Rimes in Mexico wearing the Martinique Bikini

Kylie Jenner at her home in Cali wearing the Kahala Top $100


The Namotu Top – $100.00

The Uluwatu Top – $100.00

For more looks at their swimwear check out their Instagram page: @mikoh_
Instagram: @mikoh_

Instagram: @mikoh_

Triangl Swimwear


Another uprising (to the USA, anyways) swimwear store, all of their bikinis have a signature look and can be recognized as Triangl Swimwear just about anywhere (they make really cute under wear too!!). Here are some cute pieces at really great prices —

 The Milly in Candy Pink (it comes in other amazing, vibrant colors too). The Set (bottoms & top together) is only $89.00!

 The Indy in Malibu Blue (plus more colors online), the set is $79.00

The Winny in New York Nior (+other great colors & materials) – set for $89.00

Check out more products on their Instagram page: @triangl_swimwear

Instagram: @triangl_swimwear

Instagram: @triangl_swimwear

Pily Q Swimwear


All Swimwear is shown on their website but prices and names aren’t listed. Under each swimsuit is the place in which they can be found to be bought. Here are a few of the cutest (although they’re all too cute to list 😉


Check out their Instagram page for more previews of great pieces: @pilyqswim

Instagram: @pilyqswim

Instagram: @pilyqswim

Be In The Sea Swimwear


The Idoe Braided Hipster Strap Set in Black and Bohemian Stained Glass (ps. the bottoms are reversable ;))

Set total – $140.00 (+ free shipping!)

The Kovey Offshore Bottoms in Currents – $64.00

Kiki the Killer Bottom in Rustic Bloom  – $94.00 (top present in picture – $99.00)

To preview more of their products, go to their Instagram page: @beinthesea

Instagram: @beinthesea

Instagram: @beinthesea

Luli Fama Swimwear


Super cute, vibrant, and unique swimwear that never goes out of style. Plus some fabulous cover-ups!

The Tequila Y Sal Cascade push up underwire (top – $110.00)

Samba Caracol Tassels Bandeau Top – $102.00

Spanish Lullaby Lace Trim Frilly Triangle Top – $90.00

(Sorry some of these photos came out blurry, for some reason they didn’t save right. Use the links to see them on the website xx)

To see more of their pieces, check out their Instagram page: @lulifamaswimwear

Instagram: @lulifamaswimwear

Instagram: @lulifamaswimwear

Koahs Siwmwear


Modern, fresh glam.

The Bliss Bikini – $72.00


The Ripper Top – $78.00

The Big Wave Bikini – $78.00

You can find more product previews on their Instagram: @kaohs_swim

Instagram: @kaohs_swim

Instagram: @kaohs_swim

Kokoh Bikini Swimwear


Designed in Congo, Australia & therefore on the website, can only be bought in Australia. To find thid bikini in America, use some of the store links provided at the bottom and google search the company name.

Dreaming Trail Bottoms – Meringo Bottom Blue — AU $72.00


Dreaming Trail Tops – Mullimburra Top Pink — AU $72.oo

For more of their amazing designs that may not be on their website, check out their Instagram page: @kokohbikini

Instagram: @kokohbikini

Instagram: @kokohbikini


Cenote Australia Swimwear

(Made in Australia, ships internationally …..

Lobitos Top – Rododendro Magenta –  $69.99

Floripa Bottoms – Baia Turquoise – $69.99
Floripa Top -Oltremare Blue – $59.99
To find more product previews, view their Instagram page: @cenoteswimwear
Instagram: @cenoteswimwear

Instagram: @cenoteswimwear




Alohilani Boutique – * – @alohilaniboutique

Monday Swimwear – * — check out the creators Instagram for amazing swimwear @abikiniaday – @mondayswimwear

Bikini Alchemy (sells other designers swimwear)* — – @bikinialchemy

Billie Swim (Australian Store that ships worldwide)* — – @billieswim

Vix Paula Hermanny * — – @vixpaulahermanny

Lisa Blue* — – @lisablueswim

Amore and Sorvete* — – @amoreandsorvete

Futuristic Threads — – @futuristicthreads

Babycakes Bikinis – – @babycakesbikinis

Bikini Slayer –

Bikini Lush – – @bikinilush

Aqua Blu – – @aquabluswim

Beach Bunny Swimwear – – @beachbunnyswimwear

DFly Swimwear (made in Brazil) — – @dflyswimwear

All of these swimwear lines can be found on Instagram (where I actually came across all of them).



Outfit of the Day: May 2014

This is my first “outfit of the day” post!

Every so often (hopefully at some point every day) I’ll be posting a picture of a great outfit either I, or someone in the community is wearing and where you can find their pieces!

Today’s post:


(ps. Sorry for the bad iPhone 4 quality… Upgrading soon! My 4 year old sister took this picture for me in my families home in RI :))

This is an every day spring outfit with an edge! It took some personal pep talk to buy them, and many comments from my little sister calling them the “clown pants” but I rocked them today and got many compliments! I wore them with a set of low too converses and a short cropped white lace halter top with a bandeau underneath. When I got a bit cold I wore a black button up cardigan (unbuttoned of course) and let it hang off one shoulder a bit to create a relaxed, grunge look.

I got both the top and pants from LF clothing store in SoHo NYC this past weekend.

To get both the top and pants, and to find more cute pieces, check out

Check out their Instagram page to preview some looks: @lfstores

Met Gala 2014: The Best and Worst

Fashion’s biggest night of the year, if you don’t already know, occurred May 5, 2014. The fundraising event held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is a night where the dress is the most important aspect of any guest. Hosted by Vogue, the Met Gala, aka Met Ball, celebrated and fund-raised for the Met’s Costume Institute for the opening of their Fashion Exhibit. Raising nearly $9 million last year, it’s an important night for celebrities to dress extravagantly.

Here’s the top Best and Worst dressed of the night…


1. Donatella Versace

Yup, I just threw up on her dress. And that’s exactly why it looks like that. Even that’s not a good enough excuse for this disaster. She always wears strange pieces, but I just couldn’t let this one pass bye. She looks like she’s about to go visit aliens in space, because that’s where this dress belongs.

2. Kirsten Dunst

This isn’t the Star Wars premiere. This just had way too much going on and needs to be buried. Donatella’s meeting her up in space.

3. Kristen Stewart

4 random fabrics of the same color piled on top of each other. Really Kristen? Really Chanel? (BTW in all reality, love Kristen with the orange hair)

4. Kate Upton

C’mon, Kate. I definitely think more highly of smoking babes. But then again, she’s usually not quite dressed at all. Little-miss-bo-peep, go back to you pasture.

5. Maggie Gyllenhaal

She kind of looks like she’s wearing a curtain she stole from the That 70s Show set. This is just way too much polka dots. The collar on the top is too casual and the colors are too blah. And the cape to match… Really… There’s no fixing this dress.

6. Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth, did you join figure skating? Will I see you in the next winter Olympics? Hopefully not. Unbelievably unflattering and too light for her skin tone. Adorable shoes, wrong dress.

7. Katie Holmes

Oh Katie…. (sigh), shriveled like a rotten peach.. This dress explains itself.

8. Lupita Nyong’o

This is a night to look like a princess, not a flapper. I am seriously disappointed after her fashionable past. Although, as always, she knows what colors glow on her flawless skin (and I’m a sucker for her shoes!).

9. Rita Ora

Lets not even start on the shoes. And the ridiculous arm wrap. Do I possibly need to say anymore?


1. Cara Delevingne

She doesn’t even need an extravagant ball gown to be a stunning beauty. She may not be dressed traditionally for this event, overall she looks amazing. Sporting the latest crop top and high-waist – well, anything! – trend, she looks sophisticated yet sexy. A stunner .

2. Joan Smalls

The blue lipstick was daring and fab – The Vera Wang gown gorgeously fitting her like she’s just in her skin. Possibly #1 best.

3. Emma Stone

Oh Emma, you make the fashion world go round in this Thakoon outfit. Simple yet elegant. The top could have been a bit less casual for the occasion, but still hits all the right spots.

4. Victoria Beckham 

In her own design, Mrs. Beckham always (usually) takes the right turns in fashion, and did in this amazing piece. It’s clear: the plain and simple are winning the race this year.

5. Suki Waterhouse

This Burberry gown is true beauty. It’s the perfect amount.

6. Emmy Rossum

Floral’s are huge this Spring and Summer, and Emmy made all the right choices in this gorgeous Carolina Herrera gown. Bring on the  sunshine and tea parties.

7. Kendall Jenner

A huge fan of the rising model, I didn’t expect anything less than perfection. In Topshop, Kendall fits the gown perfectly, and the gown fits Kendall. The Stunning Chopard necklace was adds to the sophisticated look.

8. Blake Lively

The already stunning actress blew my mind away in this Gucci gown. There are no real words to describe this beauty.

9.Karolina Kurkov

Giant, and giant-ly breathtaking. What a perfect gown for this event. My top #1 of the night, this dress represents exactly what this event is all about. I couldn’t imagine this gown on anyone else. Cant get enough of this.

10. Sarah Jessica Parker

Fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker in Oscar de la Renta. She always goes big and crazy and always makes it look fabulous. Her hair is gorgeous and the gown just screams ‘Met Ball 2014’. My second favorite gown of the night, doing the Met Gala gown tradition right.

Washing Away

The waves of the night crash down

Leaving a mist of salt that finds its way through my window.

That night, we sleep like the sea

Tossing and turning in rapid motion.

Some nights, the waves of a high tide swallow our souls and not a word is to be said

No soft touch

No existence

No look into his eyes.

But in those calm nights, where the waves slide onto the shore and a single shush of water can be heard,

We are one.

Your eyes, shining like the moon

The warmth of your skin wrapped around me

Swallowing me.

And then my heart beats again in that perfect, slow rhythm

Like the water sliding onto the shore on a calm,

summer night.