Unique Holiday Gifts Under Thirty…

Whether you’re on a limited budget or just want to show someone you’re thinking about them this holiday season, these are the perfect fun and small, yet thoughtful gifts! There’s something on here for everyone, whether they’re a cat or dog lover, fashionista or tomboy, coffee or tea (…you get the point) – you’ll probably want to buy them all for yourself (;

While the Caps Away Bottle Opener – $18


Unicorn of the Tea Infuser – $15


Too Legit Contour Kit – $15


French Bulldog Makeup Case – $15


Gold Marble iPhone 7 Plus Case – $15 


Gold 2-Pack Slinky Chain Choker Set


Reclaimed Vintage Floral Bandana – $10


Cats of Instagram – $17


Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie Hat – $17


Doiy Donut Tablet Stand – $15


Fluffy Dog Slipper – $23


Short Shaggy Faux Fur Cuffs – $13


Copper Marble Agenda – $16


After This We’re Getting Pizza Water Bottle – $20

ban.do Work It Out Exercise Mat

Work It Out Exercise Mat – $23

Chill Pill Keychain – $18

ban.do Fries Before Guys Tote

Fries Before Guys Tote – $20

ban.do The Boss Hot Stuff Ceramic Mug

The Boss Hot Stuff Mug – $14

The Yoga Deck

The Yoga Deck – $15

Star Me Up Earrings

Star Me Up Earrings – $20

Full of the Joys of String Lights

Full of Joy String Lights – $15

Come to the Tusk Mug

Come to the Tusk Mug – $20

Niche Nutritionist Travel Mug

Niche Nutritionist Travel Mug – $20 

Peanut Butter Chocolate Favor Ornament

Peanut Butter Chocolate Favor Ornament – $12

Mood Board/Inspo…

This weeks mood board/inspo’ vibes are all about casual denim and simple, natural beauty. I like simplicity a lot when it comes to style, life, and pictures. There’s something s intriguing about an insanely beautiful picture that is just so… well, simple.

Happy Pants… 

Top: Forever 21 

Pants: Zara (in store)

Shoes: ASOS

Choker: The Style Studies 
These culloute pants are my most unique and stylish to date! Because they are wide legged culottes, they do have a bit of an unflattering affect. As a bottom heavy woman it’s harder to look slim in baggy pants. But because of their high waisted, stretchy waistband, these are nice and snug in the waist and therefore help to create more of an hourglass effect. I call them my happy pants because not only are they vibrant and fun, but the same day I wore them, I sold my first chokers on my shop ❤️ whoop whoop! 

Mood Board/Inspiration…


All images found via tumblr and twitter.. to see more and their sources, visit www.stylestudiesx.tumblr.com and twitter.com/alexandraabsi

Shop x The Style Studies

Hi all!

Some big, new things going on starting this week… I’ve opened an Etsy Shop! After working with a few jewelry companies promoting chokers and making some handmade chokers for my friends and I, I decided to start with selling some. I’ve been wanting to create my own shop for awhile to put my own clothing designs out there, but I am far too bad of a sewer to do that, so I thought why not sell my handmade chokers? Little business endeavors have become quite my thing (; So I took to the internet and created The Style Studies Chokers. As my shop grows I’ll be selling vintage finds and even some of my own designs (I promise, with the help of a handy seamstress… like I said, you don’t want my sewing!) so I can really start pushing out there my creative side and sharing with all of you my genuine, personalized style. We all have to start somewhere, and there’s no time like the present. With a sprinkle (or heap full) of hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

Here are a few of my chokers… (you can see the full site in the “SHOP” tab at the top of my site, or here)


Fun Things to-do While Fall is Still Here…

It’s officially November… Which is officially scary. Scarier than Halloween scary. Time goes bye much, much too quick and there’s so many fun and festive things to do during the Fall season! Halloween may be over, but the little bit of warmer weather and freshness of Fall isn’t. There’s still time – but it’s limited! Now that the ghouls and goblins are out of the closet, there’s other things you can focus on this season.

Here are some fun things to do to embrace the rest of Fall this November:

  1. The traditional apple-picking, apple pie baking, baked stuffed apples – apple opportunities during Fall are endless.
  2. Throw a football party – this is endless amounts of fun! chips, dips, and some friendly flag-football during half time.
  3. Go Wine Tasting
  4. Go Tailgating
  5. Spend a day at the park or in a nearby city. Pretty soon you won’t even want to be outside to even climb into you
  6. Festive Fall Crafts – knit scarves and mittens, collect fallen leaves to decorate the house, make a giving tree
  7. Go for a hike – this is especially amazing at the time of years, because the foliage is utterly beautiful!
  8. Golf – If you’re really bad, like me, you might want to take this down a notch and go for some mini-golf (;
  9. Go to your local farm and see what there is to offer for the season! Apple ciders, pumpkin pies, corn mazes, scarecrow making – all fun things to take part in!
  10. Collect for your local food bank for Thanksgiving… There’s no time better spent than time spent giving back… After all, it is giving-season!


The Chic-est Winter Coats for this Season

Every time winter comes around I am looking for my next coat for the season… Outwear is timeless – you can never have too much and never have something too unique. Yes, I may have jackets from past seasons I can wear, but each new season is an opportunity to invest in something unique that you won’t wear every day – maybe you go with pink, or faux fur, or studded – the opportunities are limitless. Here are some of my favorite winter jacket finds for this season, all from ASOS.



Find it here


Find it here


Find it here


Find it here


Find it here


Find it here


Find it here


Find it here


Find it here


Find it here


Find it here


Find it here


Find it here


Find it here


Weekly ‘Inspo…

This week’s inspiration/mood board is all about simple, casual, autumnal business chic. Every day when I get ready for work, or even when I’m shopping for work clothes, I can never wear something boring. Boring isn’t even an option in my closet. Although some of the pieces/outfits may be more plain, that doesn’t mean at (not even for a second) that they’re not totally chic. Every day is a fashion show, or else I wouldn’t get up and go to work at all (;


Favorite Fall Finds Under Fifty…

After seeing an awesome Fall Finds Under Fifty layout in a magazine, I figured I would go ahead and do one myself! I love to explore different online store options – I’m constantly making lists of unique and affordable places to shop. As the seasons change and the weather gets colder, clothes become more expensive and harder to splurge on. Therefore, to get a quick and affordable update for your closet for this current Fall and upcoming winter, or even some Thanksgiving ootd ideas, here’s a list of some amazing finds under fifty!

Dark, neutral colors from Zara.


Lots of satins, velvets, and rosegold colored pieces from MissyEmpire.


Edgy, fun and bright pieces found at ASOS.com


Happy Shopping!